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A Different Look at the Causes of the Achievement Gap

The NC DPI ELA Section hosted David Liben on July 15, 2015 at the NCAE building in Raleigh, NC. Liben is the Senior Content Specialist of the Literacy and English Language Arts team at Student Achievement Partners. This series of videos focuses on what the research tells us about the causes of, and cures for, low student achievement. Liben shared research related to the role of knowledge, syntax, vocabulary, and fluency in the achievement gap, and their use as potential levers for improvement

Part 1:Introduction and Research Part 1

Part 2:Introduction and Research Part 2

Part 3:Introduction to Research Part 3

Part 4:Introduction to Research Part 4

Part 5:Background and Research

Part 6:Foundational Skills Part 2

Part 7:Foundational Skills Part 2

Part 8:The Matthew Effect

Part 9:Vocabulary and Knowledge

Part 10:Fluency and Syntax

Part 11:Knowledge Builds Knowledge

Part 12:Topics vs. Themes

Part 13:Ramifications of the Research

Part 14:Information and Resources on Fluency

Part 15:Resources