Formative Assessments
27 Ways to Check for Understanding
This infographic offers 27 ways to check for understanding.

ELA / Literacy Mini Assessments
This site provides K-12 mini assessments. Teachers can sort by grade level, standard(s), and a literary or nonfiction focus to administer to students to monitor student learning. The mini assessments include authentic texts, lesson plans, text-dependent questions, academic vocabulary word lists, writing tasks, and assessments.

Strategies for Engaging Both Teachers and Students in the Formative Assessment Process

Are We Asking the Right Questions?
Below is a professional development module on formative assessment. It includes a PowerPoint with detailed notes to take you through the module step-by-step. Below the PowerPoint are the resources needed to complete the activities within the PowerPoint.


Standards Outcome Instruction Task Elementary / Middle / High

Showing Evidence of Alignment

Self-Assessment Poem

QFT Activity

Mini Assessments Activity

Words Free as Confetti / Ripe Figs / All the Roads to Kansas

FOR, AS, OF Activity

How to Write Good Test Questions

Middle School Student-led Conference Video

Learning Objectives and Appropriate Assessments