What Makes an Effective Literacy Coach?
This quick read from NCTE delves into the characteristics of an effective literacy coach and includes a self-assessment checklist.
NCDPI Created Tools and Resources
ELA Instructional Practices Canvas Course
Take our Canvas course to become more familiar with the ELA Instructional Practices and the Instructional Practice Guides.
Instructional Practice Checklist
This checklist helps teachers maintain consistency in carrying out and achieving each of the 12 ELA Instructional Practices.
NC Instructional Practice Guides (K-2)

NC Instructional Practice Guides (3-12)
These guides are a valuable coaching, reflecting, and supporting tools for aligned ELA instruction. Each guide has a set of Key Actions which are key practices in the ELA classroom. Each Key action has a set of indicators or “look fors” (observables) which are aligned to the ELA Instructional Practices. Users collect evidence around each indicator and then use ratings to determine the degree of alignment.
NC Quality Review (K-2)

NC Quality Review (3-12)
These rubrics are tools to help teachers review lessons, either self-created or from outside sources, for alignment and quality. While not specifically geared towards coaches, coaches can use these rubrics when evaluating lessons with teachers.
Other Tools and Resources
Tools from The Art of Coaching
Browse through numerous PDFs of tools included in Aguilar’s The Art of Coaching. Resources include: observation tools, reflection tools, coaching agreements, coaching sentence stems, data gathering tools, monthly activity reports, and more!
Tools for Use by Literacy Coaches, Reading Coaches, or Instructional Coaches
Browse through tons of coaching resources that include: demonstration lesson planning, lesson planning and observation, planning professional learning, guidelines for teaming with colleagues, and more!
Instructional Coaching Group
From Jim Knight and the Instructional Coaching Group, browse through several instructional coaching presentations on the coaching impact cycle, how to have smooth coaching conversations, and more!
Coaching the Novice Teacher
Consider these tips for supporting new teachers in this article from Edutopia.
Coaching the Veteran Teacher
Consider these tips for supporting veteran teachers in this article from Edutopia.
Are You Coaching Heavy or Coaching Light?

Reprising Coaching Heavy, Coaching Light
See how you can deepen your coaching and make a bigger impact on teaching and learning.
Simple Ways to Support Your Teachers at the Start of the Year
Look at these easy ways to support teachers at the beginning of the year or the beginning of a semester! Though geared towards administrators, these tips provide great ideas for coaches to develop relationships with their teachers by making them feel supported.
Connecting a District with Flash Lessons
Another great article from Edutopia! Again, this article is geared towards administrators, but see how you could use flash lessons to involve yourself in your teachers’ classrooms.
The Art of Coaching Teams (Sample)
Read through this sample of the The Art of Coaching Teams for ideas, tips, protocols, and resources for coaching PLCs.