The NC Check-Ins for English Language Arts (ELA)/Reading and Mathematics are formative benchmark assessments administered throughout the school year to provide teachers and parents with immediate feedback for guiding subsequent instruction. To design the NC Check-Ins, the NCDPI/Test Development Section invited teachers to collaborate and develop recommendations for a prioritization of the standards indicating the relative importance of each standard, the anticipated instructional time, and the appropriateness of the standard for different question types. The NC Check-Ins are aligned to the NC Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS). Browse the resources below to learn more about NC Check-Ins.

NC Check-In Purposes and Design (formerly known as Proof of Concept Study)
This PPT provides information about the purposes and design of the NC Check-Ins.

NC Check-Ins NC Education Course
Find specification information, resource documents, state item reports, and archived webinars.

Assessment Brief
This document provides an overview of the purpose of NC Check-Ins as well as information about participation, testing formats, and Quick Facts.

NC Check-Ins Reports
This document provides an overview of NC Check-Ins Teacher and Parent/Student Reports.

NC Check-Ins LEA Talking Points
Developed by NCDPI, these talking points assist LEAs in the implementation of the NC Check-Ins. This information should be used in conjunction with any published supplements or updates.

NC Check-Ins FAQ
Also developed by NCDPI, this FAQ answers commonly asked questions regarding the NC Check-Ins.

Assessed Content Standards and Structure
This document provides information on the 2017-2018 assessed content standards for ELA and math.

Sample Answer Sheet
This document is a sample of the answer sheet for the 2017-2018 NC Check-Ins.

Accountability Division's NC Check-Ins Website
Visit this site for NCDPI's Accountability Division page for NC Check-Ins.