40 Ways to Read Like a Detective

Text-centered instruction is a fundamental practice when teaching the North Carolina Standard Course of Study in English Language Arts. This resource is a practical tool exploring 40 ways to return students to the text to write, find evidence, read deeply, and become strong independent readers. Each research-based strategy is accompanied by a description, suggested instructional activity, and resources.

Cards by Topic:
  • Cards 1-9: Ways to Read
  • Cards 10-15: Questions/Discussing
  • Cards 16-22: Exploring What the Text Says
  • Cards 23-26: Organization and Structure
  • Cards 27-31: Format, Genre, and Media
  • Cards 32-36: Responding to Ideas
  • Cards 37-40: Vocabulary and Grammar

Revised 2017 40 Ways Cards.PNG

Download the 40 Ways Cards for the adopted 2017 Standard Course of Study (for implementation 2018-2019).