Text-centered instruction is a fundamental practice when teaching the North Carolina Standard Course of Study in English Language Arts. This resource is a practical tool exploring 40 ways to return students to the text to write, find evidence, read deeply, and become strong independent readers. Each research-based strategy is accompanied by a description, suggested instructional activity, and resources.

Cards by Topic:
  • Cards 1-9: Ways to Read
  • Cards 10-15: Questions/Discussing
  • Cards 16-22: Exploring What the Text Says
  • Cards 23-26: Organization and Structure
  • Cards 27-31: Format, Genre, and Media
  • Cards 32-36: Responding to Ideas
  • Cards 37-40: Vocabulary and Grammar

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Revised 2017 40 Ways Cards.PNG

Click here to download the 40 Ways Cards for the current Standard
Course of Study. These cards will be available until the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

Download the 40 Ways Cards for the adopted 2017 Standard Course of Study (for implementation 2018-2019).